Video marketing is a surefire way to get targeted traffic to your website. but to make sales from that traffic your video needs to make them want to click.

People watch videos all the time, so it just makes good sense to get your business in on the non-stop action by using Videos for your business.

100 Million Internet users watch online videos each day
90% of online shoppers said they find video helpful in making buying decisions
50% of executives watch business-related videos on YouTube
65% of those executives visit the marketer's website after viewing a video
64% of website visitors are more likely to buy a product on an online retail site after watching a video
59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text
An Average User Spends 16 Minutes 49 Seconds Watching Online Video Ads Every Month
Real estate listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than those without videos
Including video in an introductory email increased the click-through rate by 96%
Including video in an introductory email reduced the number of unsubscribes by 75%
Do you realize how volcanically hot Video Advertising is Right Now

Let me give you some very interesting statistics on how much you need video marketing in your life...

This video series will show you how to create great videos that make your visitors want to click

"So What's In It For You? What Exactly Are You Going To Get From This Training Series?"
There are 14 HD videos with over 70 minutes of step by step content. Here's the breakdown:

In Video #1 you will have a detailed explanation of what will be included in the complete training, that way you can have a clear vision of what to expect from the video training.

In video #2 you will learn what video marketing is all about, we will give you the easiest definition for it, how they are generally used and what kinds of videos there are for marketing purposes.

In video #3 you will learn why video marketing is such an amazing shortcut to take your profits to any level you want, thanks to the extremely targeted traffic you can get.

We will even show you up to 15 shocking facts that will open your eyes to the immense power of Videos for marketing nowadays

In video #4 you will see how important businesses are using Videos in their marketing efforts, so that way you can have complete confidence in this powerful marketing strategy for your own business success story.

In video #5 you will learn about the top video sharing sites, what their benefits are, as well as how each and every one of them can help you get the most out of video advertising for your offline or online business success

In video #6 you will learn about some really nice video marketing power tools, highly effective tools that have been created to make video marketing amazingly simple for you, even if you haven't created a single video in your life.

In videos #7 through #10 you will learn how to do video marketing the right way from start to finish using one of the most effective and easy to apply Video Marketing methods. We will cover topics like creating, uploading, optimizing and advertising your video.

In video #11 you will learn about several highly effective video marketing tricks you can apply and definitely see some great results in your video marketing efforts. Tricks used by experienced people on the subject.

In video #12 you will learn about the hottest ways to use Video for Marketing, so you don't have to be on your own out there trying to figure out what's actually working in Video Marketing nowadays.

In video #13 you will learn about a few really nice and shocking video marketing case studies. These are actual examples we have taken from the internet to show you how Video Marketing actually works.

In video #14 we will give you a list of all Video Marketing Dos you must be sure you include in your Video Advertising and a list of all Video Marketing Don'ts you must be sure not to do in your Video Advertising.

But It doesn't end there because...

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